Spending a lot of time making social media posts will not grow your business. Why?


Imagine that your Facebook business page is like a store in a mall. People walk by, you maybe invite them in, they browse around, and on their way out the door, there is a buzzer labelled “like” that opens the door for them to leave.

That person might like your products, but he will probably never see the POSTer of the promotion you added into your window display.

“…only a tiny percentage of people see your posts or comments.”

How does this relate to a Facebook page? Just posting a special offer or something is pretty much pointless even though you might have thousands of likes and followers. The reason for this is that only a very, very small percentage of people that liked your page will see your posts.

Now let’s go back to the store. If you, however, had a way to get someone’s details onto a database before he left your store, you can now directly target him with marketing. But this will cost you money because you would need to call him or send a text message. It is the same with Facebook.

So why would your Facebook posts and efforts not work for getting new customers?

1 – You do not spend money on running proper ads.
2 –  If you spend money on an ad with no results, you have the wrong audience. Like I said in previous articles: If you sell to everyone, you sell to no one.
3 – You make posts just to interact and do not run actual ads.
4 – And like already mentioned, only a tiny percentage of people see your posts or comments.


A lot of people do not fully understand this, and that is why a lot of companies that rely on Facebook or social media posts do not grow or even succeed.

I am not saying that making posts won’t work, you will still reach some people that follow your page or group, but only a very small percentage of them. Facebook actually wants you to spend money on their platform, that is why you reach much wider audiences when running paid ads.


So how do you generate new customers or leads from Facebook? Here are a few key points:

  1. Know your target audience – Even before you start creating an ad, take a moment to decide who the perfect person would be for the offer/special that you want to run. Create that targeted audience and make sure that only those potential buyers see your ad.
  2. Create a great offer – Just putting some words into your ad just to have something is pointless. Make sure that the copy and the images you use in your ad speaks to that audience that you created. People love a good special offer and the chances are that they will respond better to your ad if you offer them something of value.
  3. Spend money – Marketing will always cost you money, so make sure that you budget for running ads. The more money you push into a Facebook ad, the more high-quality prospects you will reach.
  4. Call To Action – People want to know what to do next. Make sure that when someone clicks on your ad that you take them to a well crafted and very relevant landing page or website with a strong call to action. Tell them what to do and where to do it so that you can make the sale.
  5. Follow up – Don’t think that just by running ads on Facebook that you now have an automated sales system. You need to collect the information of people that click on your ad, and you need to follow up with them to close the deal. Pick up the phone and call them. Send them into an automated email sequence. Send them a personalised text message. Anything you can think of to make contact with them and to finalise the sale.

If you implement these steps correctly, you will make money from spending money.

“Spending money on the right targeted audience will show ROI.”

So make sure that you know who your potential prospects are and target them with paid ads. Spending money on the right targeted audience will show ROI.

I’m not saying that you should not make posts or comments. It is still crucial for you to interact with your followers. But that is like chatting with someone in your store, not making a sale.



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