How social media can help your company grow. 

The internet (especially social media platforms like Facebook) makes life easy for us. We have an effortless way to communicate, build contacts and market ourselves. So why not use it to grow your business?

“People trust the opinion of their friends.”

As a business owner, you need to get your product or service in front of people. But even then, if they don’t know you or like you, they might still not buy from you. The other challenge is also ensuring that the correct person, that is looking for a solution you offer, actually sees your offer.

Having a network of friends almost makes Facebook similar to search engines like google. You can ask almost anything, and within a short space of time, you will have your answer. I find it very interesting how many times a day I see a question on social media. Things like: “Where can I find this?” Or “ What would you recommend…?” Or “ What do you think about this or that?”

On Facebook, you will get an opinionated answer to your question or “search” and not factual like in google. Why is this important to know? Simple: People trust the opinion of their friends.

Therein lies the key to using social media to grow your business. “Ok I get that but how do you do it, Stephan?” Glad you asked.

Step 1 – Get a business Facebook page.
Step 2 – Make sure that it looks stunning. If someone goes to your page, you need to grab their attention within seconds.
Step 3 – Make it clear on your page what you offer. Don’t give someone time to wonder what it is that you do.
Step 4 – Have interaction on your page. Make posts, reply to comments and respond quickly. Make it look like a fun place to hang out to get people to return to your page.
Step 5 – Social proof. Get happy customers to comment on your page. Ask them to post testimonials or to make recommendations on your page. 

Your page now almost acts like an “ego boost” for your business. People go to your website to see what you do, but they go to Facebook to see how you do it and if they can trust you. Make sure they can trust you and that they start to like you.

“Use social media as a trust builder”

Use social media as a trust builder. Use it as a place where you can show a potential buyer that it is ok for them to support you and to spend money with you. A place where you can say: “We do have great products/services. Look at what your friends say…”




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