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There is a fine line between doing effective online marketing and wasting your money. We help companies to generate qualified leads in order to increase income and to grow their businesses.

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Bespoke online marketing strategies

Imagine getting 30+ new qualified leads per month! That is our guarantee.
We create and implement custom online marketing and lead
generation solutions designed according to your specific needs.

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We help you identify who your top 20% customers are. From that information we create a “persona” of who your ideal clients are that we will be targeting.

Strategy Planning

Just running ads and campaigns without having a plan is like throwing money into the water. We design a strategy plan specifically tailoured to finding your ideal client.

Implimentation & Execution

Implimenting the strategies that we develop to effectively generate leads is one of the key areas we focus on.

Reporting & Analysis

Having measurable data that you can use to plan your marketing strategy is one of the best planning tools. We give reports on a regular basis.

Know more

Knowing what we are talking about is a vital key to understanding what we can do for a company’s growth.

Qualified Leads

A person that is not only aware of your product/service but is also ready to pay for it and to become a customer.


The different “type” of potential customers we use to run your campaigns:

Cold Audience – The person that does not know you. We introduce your business to them to get them “Warm”.

Warm Audience – The person that knows you but is still hesitant about your product/service. They need more convincing to become “Hot”.

Hot Audience – The person that is ready to spend money in your business.

Measurable ROI

We do not guess. You will receive analytics to precisely see what your Return On Investment is on your online marketing.

Plan for a better Future

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71% Increase in Return Users


50% Increase IN Sales

Our Specialties

  • Strategy Planning & Development
  • Campaign Building & Implementation
  • Drip Campaigns & Email Marketing
  • Facebook/Google Ads & Targeting
Anyone can run an ad on Facebook or Google but do you always get the desired results? Having a skilled partner that can deliver measurable results is the best way for you to grow your leads, client base and company.

The Numbers

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Happy Clients

Million Users

National Awards


Happy Clients

What do they have to say about us?

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“I have been working closely with Stephan for 6 months now and it has been such a pleasure! He is professional, keeps to his schedules, plans well and executes at speed. He has generated a lot of leads for us – doing all the hard work in essence – all we have to do is convert the lead into a sale!

He gives good advice but is also open to feedback and if he does not know the answer to something then he quickly finds out. I am always able to reach him and he communicates very well – always keeping me up to date with campaigns, strategies, progress and next steps.

I would strongly recommend Stephan to any business looking at increasing their sales”

Theresa Franken

Owner, Rosemary Hill Farm

“Excellent service!  Really helped my business to be more visible on social media and other platforms.  Stephan took a lot of time to explain everything to me in a way that I understand, he really has a lot of patience!!” Lihana Hunter

Owner & Founder, Boston Optique Optometrists

“Ek en Stephan werk nou al n n paar maande saam aan die bemarking van ons besigheid en ek kan met alle eerlikheid se dat hy deur dik en dun elke moontlike poging aanwend om jou as klient te akkomodeer en jou belange as klient voor sy eie stel.

Ek sal hom enige dag aanbeveel”

Nols Bornman

Marketing Manager, Exclusive Autos

“Stephan from How About This was a real asset for my business. His ideas and thinking is creative and ‘outside the box’.
Building different campaigns is quite intricate- especially at the back end of things. Sometimes it was complicated for me, but Stephan is extremely patient and took the time to explain the process practically.

I received great leads for new clients, and I am continuously using the database that we gathered with campaigns.

I can definitely recommend Stephan for your business. It will be a win-win for you.”


Owner & Founder, eSplendor - Make-Up, Hair & Beauty

Want to see some results?

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What Types of Businesses Do You Work With?
Anyone that wants to grow and expand their business and that is willing to give the effort to achieve the results.
Will it be difficult for me and my team?
No. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for you. The idea is to give you and your employees more time to focus on your business. We will guide you every step of the way.
Do you Offer Long Term Services?
Yes. Everything is long term. We manage your campaigns every week and review the strategies once a month.
Do I need a big marketing budget?
Yes. To effectively run online marketing campaigns you need to be willing to spend anything from $850 upwards. Campaigns can be smaller, but the results will not be as impressive.

How will you benefit from the way we do lead generation?

  • Guaranteed Results – Within days of running your first campaigns, you will start getting new hot leads.
  • No Contracts – You are welcome to cancel our service at any time. Nothing (except all the new customers we bring) keeps you from stopping our services.
  • Measurable ROI – You receive actual data from us. There is no guesswork involved.
  • Fresh, Qualified Leads – Your sales team get the contact info of customers that are ready to spend money with you. No more cold calling, just following up.

Our Partners

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Rather Contact Us Directly?

Feel free to contact us at any time should you instead wish to talk to someone over the phone or via email.